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Meet our partners

We work with a range of disability support and healthcare providers in Cheshire and beyond. Each one has an important role to play in helping us support you. Below are our main projects...

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Real Life Learning partner with ctchealthcare to bring you physiotherapy, wellbeing and healthcare services for your staff and family. A relationship that goes back 10 years continues to support people to reduce sickness absenteeism and help improve the quality of work-life balance.

Cheshire & NOrth Wales Dyslexia.jpeg

Cheshire & North Wales Dyslexia Association (CNWDA)

A partnership between Real Life Learning and Cheshire and North Wales Dyslexia Association began over Christmas 2019. Rob Pickersgill and Clive Armitage, who had worked together for many years previously, formed a relationship that now supports clients with dyslexia and other neurodiverse conditions in work, self employment and Higher Education studies.

Iris vision centre.jpeg

IRIS Vision Cheshire

IRIS is a Crewe based charity, established by local visually impaired people to help achieve Independence and Rehabilitation for those with Impaired Sight. Real Life Learning work with Iris Vision to enable their clients to gain work and self employment with practical support such as preparing business plans, social marketing skills and getting Access to Work funding.


Colin Meachin Dyslexia Services 

Colin Meachin provides a key service to our work in assessing and supporting people with SpLDs. Based in Winsford in Mid-Cheshire, Colin is a level 7 assessor and provides assessments for both individuals and organisations alike.

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