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Meet some of our happy clients...

Katie Bailey
"I first met Rob in 2012 when we opened our own business & I attended some of his workshops. Rob really helped me focus on what was important & what my priorities should be at the time. It was great to have someone to be accountable to, and someone to provide encouragement, as that is often difficult being self employed. Thank you so much Rob for being such a great part of our beginnings & setting me on the right path!"

Heather Finch
"I was struggling with my confidence at work and had a few sessions with Rob to address this. He helped me very quickly to gain the understanding that was required for me to have that confidence at work. I didn't even know initially what I wanted out of it other than to gain confidence. It worked! I've been promoted at work and my input is valued where I work. Thank you Rob!"

"I contemplated for a while how to write this but I'm not going to change or portray myself like I'm someone I'm not and the confidence I have now in myself goes a huge way to Rob! To have a snippet of what seems like your own little cheerleader, fairy godmother or Genie haha... Whilst you are learning who you are and gaining back your strength and confidence is amazing! Someone who gives you patience, who is calm, talks but lets you talk, who helps you realise the work is in you."

Alison Proudlove, Manchester Metropolitan University
"Rob has run many sessions for our graduates and is always engaging and builds a great rapport with them. The feedback from the graduates on his inputs is excellent."

Nigel Bailey
"Having worked with Rob on a project with long term unemployed people I found him to have a great sense of empathy with the clients. He is able to use this skill to good effect in motivating people to reach their targets."

Clive Armitage
"I have know and worked with Rob for many years. He has the ability to help you find the way forward in a reassuring and comfortable way. He will help your confidence grow and your self-esteem will grow with it. Do not underestimate what you are capable of when the right person helps you find it."

Karen Ramsay
"Rob has a wealth of experience of working with and engaging young people, both in the classroom teaching and in a one-to-one setting. I have observed Rob delivering sessions with disengaged youngsters, where his positivity and composure were evident and the group benefited greatly from the experience. He is always keen to try to help learners to achieve their best and has a calm, considered manner in his work."

Dr Joanna Pethick, NHS
Rob has been a brilliant mentor to me over the last few months. I was referred to Rob following a diagnosis of ADHD and struggles with time management at work. I found the three two-hour long one-to-one sessions so useful and enjoyable; through these Rob has massively helped me in realising how I can find new ways of working more effectively by learning to prioritise better, manage deadlines as well as people’s expectations, and work more proactively and less reactively.
Rob is an excellent listener and problem solver; he has provided me with the tools and solutions I need to allow me work to the best of my ability, making it feel easy in the process, and has guided me in putting these learnings into action. As a result, I have found that I now feel more assertive and confident in my job and empowered to work to my fullest potential. Thank you so much Rob!

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